The Untold Stories
Of Hollywood

The Untold Stories
Of Hollywood


The Story

“Young, English and twins was our calling card. Everybody we wrote to bar famed recluse Greta Garbo wrote back. Each response echoed a similar sentiment. ‘How nice it is to be remembered’.”


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The Narrators

“When aged 12 teachers at my school said to me, “you twins will do something different,” it had already dawned on me that writing letters on Air Mail paper to impossibly faded silent sirens was about as different as different could get.”    

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What The Press Say

“It’s a case of what happened next, when the phone stopped ringing and the fan mail died off – I Used to be in Pictures has all the answers”

Daniel Garcia Lopez

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The Film

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‘I Used to be in Pictures’ is an on-the-road story told by English suburban teen twins. After years of corresponding with the stars, they live their dream, arriving in California for extended pit-stops with pen pals. Whilst some of these encounters superseded expectations, with others, the letters concealed what meeting them revealed – the gold had turned to grey.

For stars hidden in the shadows of nursing homes or crumbling mansions the boys’ presence brought a glimmer of hope that being remembered could lead to a comeback, particularly in the case of one Garboesque star. It’s not long before Austin tries to find a way to escape but is held back by Howard, who is adamant she can shine once again whilst maintaining his own dark secret.



We like to bring humour to the characterizations of the people we meet, and not always Hollywood folk. Much of our work for fashion brands centres on the past reinterpreted in the present. Thing is as much as the movies defined the stars we knew their very existence has defined us in many ways, so it just happens that the people we think often than most used to be movie stars.

We wager many of you at some point have sat at home snuggled-up on the sofa, switched on the TV and watched a black and white movie; a western, melodrama, film noir or comedy and perhaps asked the question ‘whatever happened to…?’ We did, and whatsmore we wrote to the stars we saw, hundreds of them major and minor, and they wrote back in their droves out ‘calling card’ being ‘English, young and twins’. We decided to tell their stories through our eyes, put to bed the famous lives lived after the camera stopped rolling with humour and honesty.

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“You intrigue me Austin and Howard the twins from England”


“Two words;
thank you”

All the latest from Austin and Howard

The Reel

Hall Caine Stamps

Together with Glazier Design, I am pleased to present six silent cinema showstopping stamps inspired by the popular Edwardian tales of one of the Isle of Man’s most illustrious and colourful characters, Hall Caine. The designs for the Isle of Man Post Office have been released and the stamps are now on sale. The characters on...
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Q&A at The Devonshire Club

The Devonshire Q&A proved to be an astounding success. Guests included actress Camilla Rutherford and actors Harris Dickenson and Tom Law. With more ‘talks’ now lined up, there are more than a few surprises on the way. “Handing down stories from one generation to the next is as old as the hills but the way...
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The Twins at the Devonshire Club

Austin and Howard will be at the Devonshire Club, 4-5 Devonshire Sq. EC2M-4YD on February 9th.  Drinks served from 6pm, Q&A 6.30-9pm in The Library. Freelance journalist and writer Yasemen Kaner-White talks all things Tinsel Town with Austin and Howard Mutti-Mewse with focus on their unique 30+ year journey in and around ‘Old Hollywood’ and the unique relationships they formed, as well...
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  • Great personalities seem to arrive a certain time as in Greece so many years ago and as with you two now just when God knows the world needs them, needs you.

    Addie Sheldon
    (Mrs. Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle) 1999
  • I received your very nice and thoughtful letter and thank you for it. It’s always nice to be remember by you –especially twins!

    Bill Maunch
  • I read and read and then I re-read your letter to me. What joy it gives me. I’m 92 and I don’t know what’s to become of me.
    I have hope.

    Selene Waters